What is polystyrene granulate?

Styrofoam granules are small balls with a diameter of 3-5 mm, made from expanded polystyrene (EPS).rnDue to its thermal insulating properties, lightness and flexibility, polystyrene granulate is often used asrnfilling for beanbags, pouffes, cushions or toys. Thanks to its structure, polystyrene granules perfectlyrnadapt to the shape of the body, ensuring comfort and convenience.

Is polystyrene granulate safe for health and the environment?

Yes, polystyrene granules are safe for health and the environment. Styrofoam is a material that is harmlessrnto humans, does not emit any harmful substances into the environment and is not flammable. In addition,rnpolystyrene granulate is 100% recyclable.

Is polystyrene granulate safe for children?

Styrofoam granules are safe for children as they are non-toxic and hypoallergenic. It contains nornsubstances harmful to health, making it suitable even for allergy sufferers or those with sensitive skin.rnHowever, care should be taken to ensure that children do not have access to loose polystyrene balls, asrnthey can pose a choking hazard due to their small diameter.

Can polystyrene pellets be used in pet products?

Polystyrene granules can also be used as a filling in pet products such as beds, cushions or toys. Thernmaterial is safe and hypoallergenic, but it is worth making sure that pets do not have access to the loosernballs, as they can pose a choking hazard. If your pets use it extensively, you may need to refill the pelletsrnmore often to maintain the correct resilience.

How often should the granules in beanbags be topped up?

How often the polystyrene granules are topped up depends on the intensity of use of the beanbag and itsrnsize. The heavier the load and the more frequent the use, the faster the granulate loses its elasticityrnproperties. It is usually recommended to refill the granules every 6-12 months to maintain optimumrncomfort and convenience of use. If the beanbag is used less frequently, this time may be longer.

What are the uses of polystyrene granules?

Polystyrene granulate is most commonly used as filling for beanbags, which are popular lounge andrndecorative furniture. In addition to filling for beanbags, polystyrene granulate has a number of other uses,rnsuch as:

  • Filling for pouffes, cushions and soft furniture
  • Filling for toys, mascots and stuffed animals
  • Filling for packaging that protects against mechanical damage
  • Decorative elements, e.g. at Christmas time

What are the advantages of polystyrene pellets as filling for beanbags?

Polystyrene granulate is light, flexible and resilient, which means that bags with filling are veryrncomfortable to sit and rest on. In addition, polystyrene pellets are odour resistant and easy to clean.

Polystyrene granulate has many advantages over other filling materials such as wadding, foam or siliconernballs. The main advantages of polystyrene granules include:

  • Lightness: polystyrene granules are very lightweight, making it easy to transport and carry beanbagsrnor poufs.
  • Elasticity: this material adapts well to the shape of the body, ensuring comfort and convenience ofrnuse.
  • Thermal insulation: polystyrene granulate has thermal insulation properties, thanks to which itrnmaintains the temperature inside the beanbag or pouffe.
  • Durability: polystyrene granulate is durable, which means that products filled with it retain theirrnproperties for a longer period of time.
  • Hypoallergenic: due to its structure, polystyrene granules are hypoallergenic and suitable for peoplernwith allergies or sensitive skin.
  • Easy to keep clean: polystyrene granules do not absorb moisture or odours, making products filledrnwith them easy to keep clean.

Are polystyrene granules resistant to moisture?

Styrofoam granules are moisture-sensitive and can be damaged if they are exposed to prolonged contactrnwith water. It is recommended to store the granules in a dry place and to protect them from moisture.

Are polystyrene granules easy to use?

Yes, polystyrene granules are very easy to use and can be filled into beanbags at home. The granules canrnbe easily added or removed from the bags to customise the hardness and shape. Filling the bags withrngranules is simple and takes little time.

Polystyrene granulate - the ideal filling for your leisure furniture

Polystyrene granulate is a popular material used as a filling for furniture such as poufs, beanbags or cushions. At Italpouf, you will find high-quality polystyrene granules that will meet all your expectations.

Features and benefits of polystyrene granules:

  1. Lightweight: polystyrene granulate is a very lightweight material, which makes furniture filled with it easy to move and rearrange. Its use allows you to freely arrange the space to your liking.
  2. Flexibility: Polystyrene granulate perfectly adapts to the shape of the body, making furniture filled with this material extremely comfortable. The flexibility of the granules means that the furniture quickly regains its original shape when you stand up from it.
  3. Hypoallergenic: polystyrene granulate is a hypoallergenic material, which means that it does not cause allergic reactions. This is particularly important for people with sensitive skin or allergies.
  4. Moisture-resistant: polystyrene granules are moisture-resistant, which means that furniture filled with this material will not become waterlogged or damaged by moisture.
  5. Airy: This material has good breathability, which ensures comfort. Polystyrene granules allow air to circulate freely, preventing the body from overheating when sitting on furniture filled with this material.
  6. Long-lasting: polystyrene granulate is strong and durable, which means that furniture filled with this material will last for many years. Thanks to its durability, the granules do not change their properties as a result of time or use.
  7. Easy to keep clean: Polystyrene granulate is a material that is easy to clean and maintain. If necessary, it can be siphoned off the furniture, cleaned and refilled, thus maintaining hygiene.
  8. Versatility of use: Polystyrene granulate is a versatile material that can be used in various types of furniture, such as poufs, armchairs, cushions or even children's toys. Its versatility allows for a wide range of applications, whatever your needs and tastes.
  9. Safety: polystyrene pellets are a non-toxic material and safe for children and adults. It can be used without health concerns, making it an ideal choice for lounge furniture.
  10. Eco-friendly: polystyrene granules can be produced from recycling, helping to protect the environment and reduce waste. By choosing polystyrene granulate, you are supporting eco-friendly solutions.

At Italpouf, we offer a wide range of polystyrene granules to meet your expectations in terms of quality, comfort and convenience. Our polystyrene granules are a trustworthy product that will give you many years of reliable use.

Styrofoam granulate - Top quality and comfort in your home!

Take a look at our range of polystyrene granules/ If you have questions or need advice on choosing the right granules, our experts are at your service. Contact us and we will be happy to help you choose the best solution! In summary, polystyrene granules are an excellent choice for those looking for comfortable, practical and durable fillings for lounge furniture. Its unique properties make it an ideal material for both domestic and commercial use. Don't wait, see for yourself the advantages of polystyrene granules and enjoy the comfort and convenience of furniture filled with this material!

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