Imagine a beautiful, cosy and bright Scandinavian interior. Yes, it will be distinguished by a kind of modernity, but at the same time it will retain its warm, friendly character. An obligatory element of such an interior will, of course, be fur pouffes, which - together with it - will create an interesting composition.

Fur pouffe - design and special features

The fur beanbag is more than just an armchair. It is a white, restful piece of home furnishing which, thanks to its unusual texture, will provide its user with maximum comfort. This effect is achieved thanks to the surface mentioned above, which is extremely soft and friendly to the touch. What is more, it blends perfectly with the white of the pouffe, making the whole look extremely pleasant and cosy.

As befits a modern piece of furniture, the fur pouffe has a very simple shape. What we have in mind here is above all its shape. The models available in our shop can have any form, from the shape of a classic armchair (imitation of an armchair body), to a simple cube, which is also ideal as a home decoration for Scandinavian interiors.

Use and design inspiration

Fur poufs are a peculiar type of furniture that will work particularly well:

- in the living room, as a complement to classic armchairs and sofas; they can be used, for example, when unexpected guests turn up at our home,
- in the bedroom, as a practical and decorative element; such a pouffe can be used both as a lounge furniture and as an interesting decoration for our Scandinavian bedroom,
- in the children's corner, as a decoration and... toy, which, thanks to its interesting and tactile properties, will be ideal for children.

The shaggy pouffe can, as we mentioned earlier, take the form of a classic piece of functional furniture. However, if it is to play the role of decoration, it can (especially in the case of the simplest poufs) be seated anywhere. A kind of disorder is a frequently used decorative and arranging procedure, which works especially well in the case of poufs with such geometrically simple shapes.

Shaggy pouffe - key benefits

Shaggy beanbag have a number of advantages that make them easy to use in virtually any interior design.

1 They are comfortable, not only because of their unique and soft upholstery, but also because of their filling, which makes them a real oasis of calmness, allowing you to calm down and relax in comfort.

2 They have a simple shape, which makes them a perfect match for any, even the most complex, arrangement. Although they are seemingly created for Scandinavian interiors, they can also be implemented in e.g. classic interiors.

3 They are perfect for playing with children. Their specific texture arouses a kind of curiosity in toddlers, which translates into an even greater desire to play together.

To sum up, the fur pouffe is a piece of furniture that is both practical and beautiful, even though it is seemingly so frugal in its Scandinavian design.

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