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Italpouf is a renowned furniture manufacturer that has specialised in creating high-quality seating for years. In our offer you will find a variety of collections that will meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers. Distinguished by their unique design and functionality, our products are the ideal choice for those who value comfort, quality and elegance. We invite you to familiarise yourself with our collection overview

Balance Collection - Ecological Comfort

Our Balance collection is for those who care about the environment and are looking for furniture made from nature-friendly materials. In this series you will find both pouffes, armchairs and cushions made of ecological fabrics and recycled materials. By choosing a Balance collection beanbag , you not only get a comfortable and stylish seat, but you also contribute to the protection of our planet.

The Beanbag Balls collection - A sporty accent in the interior

The beanbag Balls collection features original seating inspired by the shape of sports balls. Ideal for sports fans, these poufs can be used both indoors and outdoors. Made from high-quality materials, our ball seats are durable, comfortable and easy to clean. Available in a variety of designs and colours, these poufs will add energy and sporty spirit to any room.

Fur beanbag collection - Warmth and cosiness

If you are looking for seating that will add warmth and cosiness to your interior, the Furry beanbag collection is for you. Covered in soft and refined faux fur, these beanbag are not only extremely comfortable, but also stylish and elegant. Available in various shapes, sizes and colours, the fur poufs are sure to add a cosy atmosphere to your home.

Leather beanbag collection - Classic elegance

Our Leather beanbag collection combines the elegance and durability of natural leather. Made from high-quality leather, these poufs are not only durable but also extremely stylish. Ideal for those who appreciate classic and timeless design, our leather armchairs will be the perfect addition to any interior. We offer a variety of shapes, sizes and colours to meet the needs of even the most demanding customers.

Gaming beanbag collection - comfort and performance for gamers

For fans of computer games, we have prepared the Gaming Beanbag collection. These specially designed seats offer optimal support for the body during long gaming sessions. Made from durable materials, our gaming beanbags provide comfort and ergonomics, allowing you to focus on your gameplay. Available in vibrant colours and modern designs, these poufs will be the perfect addition to your gaming corner.

Quilted beanbag collection - Sophisticated elegance

The Quilted Beanbag collection is for those looking for seating with a refined aesthetic that will add elegance to any interior. Characterised by a beautiful quilting pattern, our poufs in this series combine classic design with modern touches. Made from high quality materials, the quilted poufs guarantee not only seating comfort, but also durability and ease of cleaning.

In the Quilted poufs collection you will find a variety of shapes, sizes, so you can easily match them to your interior. Whether you are looking for a quilted armchair, a beanbag or a pouffe, our suggestions are sure to meet your expectations. Add a unique touch to your rooms with the elegance and timeless style of our quilted poufs.

Your dream comfort and style at your fingertips! Discover Italpouf's unparalleled collections today!

At Italpouf, we offer a wide selection of seating collections that combine not only comfort and functionality, but also style and elegance. Our pouffes, armchairs and cushions will fit perfectly into a variety of interiors, meeting the expectations of even the most demanding customers. We invite you to visit and discover the extraordinary world of our collections, where you are sure to find the perfect seats for you and your home. Take advantage of our experience, professionalism and passion to create interiors full of comfort, exceptional character and unique style.