Pouffes - the largest selection

pouffes for every interior and for every season. With us you will find both the classic beanbag - which has been very popular throughout Europe for many years - as well as the modern design and design that characterises Italpouf. The poufs are a very interesting and highly desirable accessory in the home, in the flat, in the office and even in the garden. A well-chosen soft beanbag will add an interesting style to an interior and immediately attract attention.

Our offer includes several dozen models of poufs, such as beanbags, armchairs, cushions, square or cylindrical poufs for sitting and even round poufs. You can choose from over a dozen different types of materials, ranging from the popular eco leather or nylon, through cotton, wool and printed fabrics to leather.

Our pouffes mean not only design and elegance, but also high quality workmanship - an inner cover, reinforced seams, certified materials and polystyrene granulate of Grade 1 are just a few of the many advantages of our products. Italpouf follows the trends and requirements of customers from all over Europe - so you are sure to find the right pouffes for you with us!

Design pouffes - because looks count!

Designer poufs for indoors and outdoors are ideal for those who appreciate unusual and modern accessories. The seats, despite their unconventional form, are extremely elegant and fit into many different arrangements. The quality of the proposed products will satisfy even the most demanding customers. It is worth mentioning that the seats come in many different forms, including balls, armchairs, footstools, cushions or sack bags. The wide selection means that everyone will find a model to suit their needs. The seats also come in a variety of sizes, so everyone can choose a variant to suit a given interior.

The proposed big beanbagsare an excellent decorative element of any flat or house. They not only look interesting, but are also extremely functional. Many models are available for the balcony, terrace or garden. They are characterised by an increased level of durability, as well as resistance to the effects of harmful environmental factors.

pouffes - top quality workmanship and certified materials

The products we offer are handmade and have reinforced seams. Thanks to this, they do not lose their original form despite frequent and intensive use. They will serve reliably for many years and always look great.
The offer includes pouffes made of such materials as natural leather, eco leather, plush, polyester, cotton cord and printed fabric. The choice depends entirely on personal preference.

Seats in the form of beanbags or ball poufs are the most popular. In addition, poufs are available in the form of armchairs, cushions or footstools. Most models come in several basic sizes - from small to very large. When choosing, you need to be guided mainly by how large the room is where the seat will be located. There is nothing to prevent the pouffe from being placed even in a small space.

Only high-quality materials that meet all norms and standards are used in the production of the seat. This translates into their high durability and longevity. In addition, the products are pleasant and comfortable to use. They contain high-quality polystyrene granulate, which has the necessary certificates. It is thanks to this that the seats adapt to the shape of the body. There is no need to worry that they will lose their original form after time. These are products with reinforced seams, so they will remain in their original shape for a long time. High-quality poufs for the home or outdoors are an investment for years to come.

Comfortable and stylish poufs for seating

If you value high-end comfort and custom decorative solutions for your interior, the innovative children's beanbag poufs are the perfect solution especially for you. Our seating poufs are a combination of comfort, style and optimum affordability, to suit every budget.

By choosing our seating poufs, you ensure a relaxation and rest that you won't feel on your current sofa or armchair. Our customers who have experienced the comfort that comes from seating poufs say they cannot imagine life without them.

Seating poufs are ideal for both adults who want to enhance their interiors with unique, one-of-a-kind seating, in a variety of designs and colours, and children who will gain new opportunities for play and relaxation. They adapt to the position and body shape of their actual user, making rest or work a pure pleasure. This happens with the help of carefully selected granules that meet all safety and quality standards. Give your body a bit of pleasure in the form of relaxation, which becomes accessible and easy for you in every possible place. Our poufs are suitable for interiors as well as for gardens or terraces.

Italpouf's offer

Italpouf has a wide range of products on offer. Seating poufs come in the form of armchairs, footstools, cushions, poufs and beanbags. They are available in many different designs and colours, providing a comfortable choice for even the most demanding customers. The large selection of shapes and sizes makes every customer feel unique. Our range includes cylindrical, square or round poufs, among others. We give you a guarantee that you will definitely find something for you and your loved ones in our extensive offer. We create seating furniture with your relaxation and fitness in mind.

In our range of seating poufs you will find many different designs and motifs, but also applications.

  • Outdoor: pouffes, beanbags and cushions adapted to adverse weather conditions, made of high-quality waterproof materials.
  • Beanbags: comfortable bags, adapting to any body position
  • Seat Pillow: in many different designs, shapes, colours and made of interesting materials, including knitted cushions.
  • Beanbag Armchairs with backrests: comfortable armchairs that will change the comfort of your work and rest forever
  • Children's pouffes: in many colourful motifs and shapes to stimulate children's imagination

Italpouf's high-quality products are functional but also decorative. They will prove useful in any room.

If our rich offer does not satisfy your expectations, there is also the possibility of personalising your order. If your dream large seating pouffe should include a specific pattern, motif or logo: we are eager for such a challenge!

We focus on quality and precision workmanship!

Our seating poufs are made with extreme precision, making them durable for years to come. Depending on their intended use, they are made from different types of materials, expertly processed under the guidance of top experts. They are characterised by their high resistance to damage, especially for products intended for children and outdoor products, which are also resistant to adverse weather conditions. The seats are manufactured exclusively from proven and damage-resistant materials such as eco leather, natural leather, plush, polyester, printed fabric or cotton cord. Their seams are additionally reinforced, giving confidence in their durability and high quality of workmanship. The materials used for our poufs will not crumble or crack. All, stylish and unique prints are made using innovative methods and specialised equipment, making the furniture highly resistant to abrasion. It is the precision of workmanship and the highest quality materials used to create our seating poufs that guarantee great aesthetic value and durability and solidity for years to come.

Maintenance and use have never been so easy.

The comfort of our products is not only about comfort and above-average quality of relaxation, but also about what usually causes us the most problems: keeping the poufs clean. Thanks to the materials and workmanship of our seats, this becomes trivially easy. Those models that are leather are waterproof and resistant to any dirt. You won't need any specialised products to clean them: soapy water will suffice. Fabric seats, on the other hand, have an extra cover for the filling inside, so you can remove and wash the top fabric at any time, following the manufacturer's recommendations. After every wash, the cover will look like new due to its extraordinary abrasion resistance.

Italpouf seating poufs are suitable not only for the interior of your home or flat, but also for various events, for the office, terrace, balcony or as an original form of advertising.

A combination of comfort, convenience and style

If you dream of transforming your interior, you have come to the perfect place. Our products are practical and stylish. Italpouf's seating pouffes are characterised not only by extraordinary resistance and comfort, but also by innovative style and currently fashionable designs and colours. Our designers keep up to date with new trends, adjusting our offer to current fashion. We guarantee that fans of unconventional decorative solutions, as well as lovers of classic or minimalist style, will find something for themselves. The abundance of colours, patterns, fabric types and shapes has delighted our customers for years, giving us the motivation to keep expanding our offer.

Choose our seating poufs!

Our seating poufs meet the latest trends in the furniture market. The aesthetics and workmanship of our products have delighted customers for many years. Indulge yourself in comfort and convenience, combined with stylish decoration of your interior. We create them with your relaxation in mind: contact us now!