Large seating beanbag pillow

are a fantastic option especially for large and spacious rooms. If you have enough space you can put such a pillow on the floor and lie on it for hours! Sako pillows are soft and adapt perfectly to the shape of your body - the zipper and reinforced seams make the pillows extremely durable and will serve you for many long years.

Sitting pillows are available in two sizes - the smaller one is dedicated to children. The weight of such a pillow is lighter, so any child is able to pick it up and carry it to any location. An additional inner cover and the Easy Cover system make it very easy to keep the pillow clean, and you can change the outer cover from time to time when you get bored with a particular colour or material.

The range of seating pillows is very wide, with over a dozen fabrics to choose from and dozens of colours available. In addition, we have introduced design fabrics - with printed patterns or motifs. Decorative cushions - smaller square or rectangular cushions on which you can lay your head - are also sure to be an ideal addition to the large cushions!

And for those who like extravagance or simply appreciate cosy objects, we recommend decorative cushions - available in many sizes and dozens of colours.

To be fully functional, every interior must have something to sit on comfortably. A great solution in this aspect are undoubtedly the sitting pillows, which are available in our Italpouf shop. They are comfortable and have very fashionable covers, thanks to which they will fit perfectly into any interior design. But is this enough to make you buy them? Let's find out what other advantages our seating pillows have.

First of all, it's important to start with the very way our seat pillows are made. Each of them is made by hand. As a result, much more attention has been paid to the finishing details. The smallest details related to the creation of such a pillow have also been taken care of. The stitching is solid and the materials are chosen to be not only durable, but also pleasing to the eye. The handmade production of our seat pillows is also important when it comes to the inner covers, which virtually every one of our pillows has.

The inner cover with which our seat pillowsare equipped is made of a rather thin and airy material. However, this in no way affects the functionality of our pillow . Quite the contrary! Thanks to the fact that the inner cover is made of a fine fabric, the polystyrene pellets with which our seat pillows are filled can "breathe". This is important when it comes to preserving the properties of this granulate for as long as possible. The thin material in which it is placed means that the granules do not wear out too quickly and thus we do not have to replace them. This is another positive aspect associated with our pillows. The inner cover in which the pellets are placed allows us to replace them when they wear out. So there is no need to buy a new pillow , simply select the appropriate amount of polystyrene granules in our shop and simply replace it. The process of replacing the granules itself, will not take you more than a few minutes.

We also need to pay attention to the dimensions of our pillows. They are available in two sizes, with the smaller one dedicated to children. This is because our seat pillows can be used by both children and adults. A child, in the case of the smaller size of the pillow , will also not have the slightest problem when it comes to moving it to any chosen location. The implementation of the Easy Cover system, allows the pillows to be cleaned very easily. To a large extent, the outer covers are waterproof - liquids do not seep in and, consequently, cleaning them is really easy. When it comes to the use of the pillow for lying down by children, this will be of huge importance to us as parents.

What's more, you can sit as well as lie on our pillows. Whichever option we decide on, the pillow will always be comfortable. This is due to the fact that it adjusts to the position we choose. Thanks to this, we can use it comfortably and without the slightest damage to our spine or the entire skeletal system.

Italpouf seat pillows.

This is a capital accessory both when it comes to the decoration of the living room, children's room or bedroom. In our online shop, there are as many as several dozen patterns of fabrics from which the outer covers are made. Thanks to this, each of you will certainly choose among them the one that will be best for you. What's more, in the Italpouf shop, you can also buy all sorts of accessories which will help you to use the pillows much more effectively - both replacement inner and outer covers are available from us. As already mentioned, you can also buy high-quality polystyrene granulate from us, which is used as filling for Italpouf seat pillows. Shipping takes place immediately after our shop has received your payment. Therefore, there is no need to think about it, just choose the most suitable seating pillow for you from the very rich offer of our shop today.

Fashionable and comfortable, i.e. seat pillows, an ideal addition to a modern interior

Sitting pillows, beanbag pillows, large living room pillows , whatever you call this product, the very word cushion evokes a pleasant association with rest, relaxation or sleep. If we add original design, the best quality materials, durable, pleasant to the touch and, to top it off, soft and ergonomic filling, we gain an ideal product.

Living room comfort

When furnishing the space of a living room, lounge or recreation room, we make sure that the furniture is not only pretty, but also functional and comfortable. Rather, a traditional sofa, corner sofa or armchair should be selected and composed in such a way as to match the style of the entire flat; it is not easy to find a leisure set that is not only pretty, but also comfortable and positionable. Seating pouffes have the great advantage that not only are they super comfortable, they have a great design so that they fit perfectly into any interior, but they are also ultra-lightweight. At any time such a pouffe can be moved to another place, moved to another room or even taken into the garden, without worrying about the condition of the spine.

A piece of furniture perfectly suited to your needs

The floor seating pillows are sewn by hand, made of approved materials and are safe for children. The polystyrene granulate filling is lightweight and adapts perfectly to the body position when sitting. The removable cover can easily be washed, ensuring that the pillow looks good and stays fresh for a long time. In addition, the pillows are available in two sizes, a small one, ideal for a comfortable seat for kids, and a large one, creating a comfortable armchair, lounger or mattress for adults.

Fashionable pillow, fashionable interior

Seat pillows are the perfect addition to any interior. The multitude and variety of fabrics and patterns they are made from means that everyone can choose a pillow that perfectly matches the style of the interior and gives it a unique character. This season's fashionable floral motifs, Scandinavian pastel geometrics or fanciful children's patterns are just some of the many pillows available in the Italpouf shop.