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Who is the Drop sako beanbag designed for?

The Drop beanbag is designed for everyone who appreciates comfort and stylish solutions. It is ideal for those who want a comfortable place to sit or relax in their home. The product can be used by both children and adults.

What functions does the Drop beanbag perform?

The Drop beanbag has a wide and stable seat that holds the body position well. It also has a high back, neck and head support. It fulfils the function of a comfortable and flexible seat that minimises muscle tension and improves blood circulation. The Drop beanbag is also a great decorative element that brings a modern style to the interior.

How can the Drop beanbag be arranged in a room?

The Drop beanbag can be arranged in many ways, depending on the style and preferences of the user. They can be placed individually as a decorative piece, or grouped together in a set to create a comfortable and stylish space to sit or relax. They can be placed in the living room, bedroom, children's room or even on the terrace or balcony, creating a cosy place to relax outdoors.

The product would also be suitable for an office, reception area, school or therapy room - due to its light weight it is easy to carry and store, making it ideal for use in a variety of locations.

What are the health benefits of using the Drop beanbag?

The Drop beanbag can bring many health benefits to the user, as it provides light and flexible support for the entire body. It minimises muscle tension, reduces back pain, improves blood circulation and reduces stress, which has a positive effect on overall health.

The Drop beanbag can help relieve back pain and improve blood circulation, help prevent spinal injuries and contribute to improved posture.

Can Drop beanbags help reduce stress?

Yes, Drop beanbags can help reduce stress as they provide light and flexible support for the entire body, which minimises muscle tension and reduces back pain. Additionally, sitting comfortably and flexibly on a Drop beanbag can bring relaxation and unwinding, which has a positive effect on stress reduction.

The advantages of using the Drop beanbag for relaxation purposes are primarily its comfort, flexibility and stylish design, which provide the user with relaxation and unwinding.

What is the polystyrene granules used to fill the beanbags?

Styrofoam granules are small, lightweight balls made of expanded polystyrene (EPS), which are commonly used as a filling for beanbags due to their lightness, flexibility and durability.

Is polystyrene filling safe for health?

Yes, polystyrene filling are safe for health. It is non-toxic, hypoallergenic and contains no harmful substances.

What are the advantages of using polystyrene filling in beanbags?

Styrofoam filling are lightweight, flexible and durable, which makes beanbags filled with this material comfortable, adapt well to the shape of the body and retain their shape for a long time.

How long does polystyrene filling maintain their properties?

Styrofoam filling are a durable material, but over time they can flatten slightly, making the beanbag less comfortable. We recommend refilling the filling every 6-12 months depending on the intensity of use. Filling can be purchased here.

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Introducing the ultimate comfort experience with our Bean Bag Sofa Drop XXL! This versatile piece of furniture will transform any living space into a cozy haven. Crafted with premium materials, this bean bag sofa boasts both durability and comfort. The high-quality fabric is soft to the touch and easy to clean, ensuring that your sofa will always look and feel like new.

With its spacious design, the Bean Bag Sofa Drop XXL is perfect for lounging, napping, and even hosting guests. The unique shape provides ample support for your body, so you can sit or recline in any position that suits you.

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This bean bag sofa is also incredibly lightweight and easy to move, making it perfect for any room in the house. Whether you're using it as a centerpiece in your living room or a cozy addition to your bedroom, the Bean Bag Sofa Drop XXL is sure to impress.

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The Bean Bag Sofa Drop XXL is the perfect addition to any home looking for a comfortable and stylish seating option. Made from high-quality materials, this bean bag sofa offers unparalleled comfort and support for all of your lounging needs.

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One of the standout features of the Bean Bag Sofa Drop XXL is its size. Whether you're watching your favorite movie or reading a book, this bean bag sofa provides the perfect space to unwind and get comfortable.

Another great feature of the Bean Bag Sofa Drop XXL is its durability. Made from tough, yet soft, polyester material, this bean bag sofa is designed to withstand years of use without losing its shape or support. It's also water-resistant, making it easy to clean and maintain.

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In terms of design, the Bean Bag Sofa Drop XXL is available in a range of colors to suit any decor style. From classic neutrals to bold, vibrant hues, there's something for everyone. Plus, its modern shape and sleek lines make it a stylish addition to any room in your home.

Overall, the Bean Bag Sofa Drop XXL is a must-have for anyone looking for a comfortable and versatile seating option. With its large size, durable construction, and stylish design, it's sure to become a favorite in your home for years to come.