Pouffes and beanbags are increasingly dominating the broader furniture market. However, it is worth knowing that we do not always have to opt for the most classic solutions in this respect. An interesting idea, both in terms of the broadly understood decor of our flat and design in itself, are seating poufs imitating a football. Some of you will certainly not be able to believe that such a solution is at all possible. However, we confirm that yes, it is! You can have a fantastic pouffe in your home decorated with a design imitating a football. All you need to do is have a close look at the offer of our Italpouf online shop. What exactly do you gain by deciding to buy such a pouffe?

Italpouf ball poufs - sporty style and comfort in your interior!

First of all, we must start with how our football imitation poufs are made. Each and every one of them is handmade, and therefore you get a guarantee of the highest quality of workmanship, as well as the very materials from which these pouffes are made. The outer cover of the pouffe, is made of high quality nylon, however, the series of football pouffes designed for both outdoor and indoor use, are upholstered in a special Italian giardino material. This is a material that is not only water resistant, but also all kinds of liquids such as juices or even alcohol do not leave undesirable stains on the cover. All thanks to the easy cover system. If something spills on the pouffe, all you have to do is clean the spot with a dry cloth and you're done. This solution makes it possible to keep our pouffes clean and, to a large extent, thanks to it, they are able to serve us for many years.

A solution that we should in no way overlook when it comes to buying football-shaped poufs are the sets, which are also available in our online shop. The composition of such . Such a combination, allows you to relax and unwind freely and is a sensational addition when it comes to creating a cosy relaxation corner in our flat. Especially people who do office work should consider this solution. This is because the pouffes are filled with high-quality polystyrene granules, allowing you to achieve the most comfortable position. Resting on poufs removes the stress accumulated throughout the day, as well as allowing our muscles to relax. Therefore, pouffes are completely safe for our health - they do not negatively affect the skeletal system or any degenerative changes in the skeletal system.

There is one more aspect that we cannot overlook, which concerns our seating poufs. Apart from the fact that they are available in a dozen or so different colour combinations, you also have the option of changing the cover with which the pouffe is covered. It goes without saying that over time, such a cover may simply get boring. However, there is no point in buying a new pouffe if you have the possibility of changing the cover. On the website of our online shop Italpouf, you are able to buy such covers. Replacing a new cover is extremely intuitive and will not take you more than a few minutes.

Discover fun and relaxation with the football poufs from Italpouf - perfect for children and adults!

The football-looking poufs are a sensational solution both when it comes to arranging a living room or bedroom, as well as a youth or children's room. In each of the above cases, they will go great. What is important, our pouffes are extremely light. As a result, you will be able to move them to any place you choose without the slightest problem. An older child will also have no problems with this activity. The children's football-shaped pouffes are an ideal addition to the décor of any home and can be used by everyone in the family. They are a great way to relax and unwind - both healthy and extremely relaxing.

We know that there are a huge number of football fans in the world and each of them has their own favourite club they support. Because of this, we decided to create a special collection of beanbags not only in the shape of a football, but in the colours of your favourite clubs. The italpouf range includes poufs in the colours of clubs such as FC Barcelona, Inter Milan, Manchester United, as well as Polish clubs. Fans of Legia Warsaw, Lech Poznań, Wisła Kraków and many others will find something for themselves. The pouffes can not only be used during matches, but also as everyday decor in the living room, garden or youth room. Beanbags are one of the most comfortable seats available on the market. This is all thanks to the fact that they are filled with the right amount of polystyrene granules, which adjust to the sitter's body, making it feel like lying on down. This is extremely healthy for our spine, as the polystyrene balls are great for supporting it and adapting to its shape.

After a long day at work, you can come and sit comfortably in a comfy pouffe. Studies have shown that assuming a comfortable position with solid support has a positive effect on stress reduction and helps relieve despondency. In addition, with the beanbag, you can assume a multitude of comfortable positions from sitting, to semi-reclining, to lying down completely. An additional advantage that our football-shaped poufs have is that they can be sized according to the user. This means that the whole family will be able to choose the bag that is right for them. In addition, we give you the option of additionally choosing the material from which we hand sew the football-shaped shell. Check out our range of leather and satin seats. The feedback from people who have decided to buy a football pouf is unequivocal: it was worth it, I will ask for two more of these.
It would seem that only boys and adult men will be interested in buying this type of pouffe for their living rooms or bedrooms. However, plenty of ladies order them for themselves as well as for their husbands and children. No wonder, after all, colourful football seats can be an extremely stylish complement to any interior and the perfect gift.

Reign in your comfort - Italpouf ball poufs, an essential for every home!

More and more people are choosing to buy poufs instead of various types of ergonomic chairs or other solutions. According to the opinions of our customers, since they started using poufs their spine has stopped hurting them and they feel less discomfort when sitting for long periods of time. Also, more and more parents are noticing that placing babies on soft pouffes brings many benefits to the baby. You too will find that it is worth ordering and trying out our ball poufs.
Beanbags are not just a seat to be kept only at home. Leather poufs are great as seating for gardens, terraces, verandas or balconies. To protect the pouffe properly, we use a special Giardino fabric for sewing. It is an A-grade fabric, very durable and resistant to abrasion. It is very pleasant to the touch and can be cleaned very quickly with upholstery care products.

If you want to furnish your living room or bedroom with modern solutions, check out our range of football-shaped beanbags. Each pouffe is unique because we make them by hand from the best materials available on the market. Thanks to this, we are sure that we offer products that will not only provide you with proper comfort, but also safety. We take care of details such as the number of polystyrene balls we fill the poufs with and how tight the seams are.
If you're looking for comfortable seating for your home, you've come to the perfect place. Take a look at our range of seating ball poufs. We ensure that there is something for everyone, whether children and teenagers or adults. We have both balls in universal colours, such as black or red and white. For ardent fans of both Polish and foreign football clubs, we have prepared ball poufs in the colours corresponding to the teams. See if you can find your favourite design!