In this category you will find a large and comfortable bed cushions for kids. Big cushion for kids is a great alternative to a bean bag - cushion is as comfortable as bean bag. What is more,  its classic, rectangular shape makes it ideal for a child room. On the cushions you can not only lie down but also sit – then even several people will fit on it. It is also very cool and modern decorative element a child room, so not only you get a convenient and comfortable piece of furniture for your child, but also an interesting gadget that surely will look great in any room.

Bed cushions for children – in our online shop you will find a very wide range of products. Cushion model for children is size XL and its dimensions are 135x95 cm, so it is pretty big and at the same time, certainly it will not clutter your child room. There are several fabrics to choose from, including in particular the plush, cotton, wool, eco leather and nylons because such cushions can be used even outside. Our cushions work are great for open spaces and the kids love them because they are light and colorful - they can easily move them to a different place and after a long play calmly lie down on them and relax! Nylon is waterproof and very durable, so any dirt can be easily removed.

Cushions have an internal fabric cover within which the high quality granules are enclosed. Thanks to the Easy Cover system the cover at any time can be removed - it makes the children cushions easy to clean, even if your child is a little urchin.