Outdoors bean bags are ideal especially in spring and summer, when we love to spend outdoors as much time as possible. Such bags outdoor is a very tempting option for those who need interesting and comfortable piece of furniture to the garden, a terrace or a balcony. Bean bags are light so you can easily move them from one place to another - wherever you feel like sitting or soaking up the Sun.

Bean bags are made of special waterproof fabric that does not absorb water. Is also weather resistant - mainly the Sun and rain. The fabric is very durable, and even when it gets dirty, it can be easily removed and cleaned. All bean bags have Quick Cover system - long zipper and internal cover, within which the filling is enclosed.

We also make bean bags of a fabric called Giardino. It is very pleasant to the touch fabric, it is 100% PES and its biggest advantage is the Easy Clean system so that liquids do not soak in the fabric and gently run off. This applies not only to water but also to juices and drinks – so keeping the bean bag clean is very easy

Outdoor bean bags are willingly bought by hotels, guesthouses, restaurants, bars or SPA & Wellness over the sea or the Lake . Our bean bags are fantastic decorative elements and a very comfortable seat or lounger for your customers.