Bean bag ball is a fantastic proposition for children, teenagers and those who love sport. Our offer includes bean bags that hold a strong resemblance to football, basketball, volleyball, tennisball and even rugby ball! All beanbag balls refined perfectly every detail – they are made with a great  accuracy to reflect the spirit of sport!

Bean bags balls are available in various sizes, Italpouf has a even a special offer for little, several years-old children. These bean bags fit perfectly to any child's room - bean bags are safe, have no hard elements and are made of certified materials. Filling in the form of white polystyrene beads adapts perfectly to the shape of the body and, what is important, it is very light, so the kid can easily pick up or move the beanbag wherever they want.

Bean bags balls are made of various materials, the most popular are the bean bags made of eco leather, but bean bags made of nylon are becoming increasingly popular (because they can be used outside) as well as plush. Customers appreciate the fabric for its softness and durability.