Lying pillows are a real hit among outdoor leisure enthusiasts! The pillows made of very durable and wear-resistant material are mostly waterproof, so they can be used peacefully in the garden, on the beach, by the lake or even on the terrace. Pillows are available in two sizes: XXL - is the largest model that we recommend for those who have a lot of space to arrange. The second model is a little smaller i.e.  XL. Such a pillow is 135 x 95 cm in size, so it can be a great pillow for children or when you don't have a lot of space space - for a small balcony or a small garden such an option will be better.

Garden pillows have an internal removable cover - thanks to which you can take off the fabric cover and clean it at any time in a few dozen seconds or replace it with a new one. This is a very practical solution that makes it possible to keep the pillows clean and in a very good condition for several years. In addition, this is a nice design option because you can have several covers - in different colours or materials and you can replace these covers at any time depending on the situation or the arranged place. Only Italpouf gives you such opportunity - because life should be enjoyable!

Our Pillows are addictive! We warn you! Later you will find it hard to break away from them. Styrofoam granulate, which perfectly adapts to the shape of your body, gently massages your body - giving you an incredible relaxation. So don't hesitate to just choose the perfect pillow for you and enjoy a carefree and comfortable outdoor rest.