In our online shop you will find comfortable and high quality armchairs that you can use both indoors and outdoors. One of the materials we can use for your armchair is a certified, waterproof nylon, which is ideal for outdoor use thanks to its properties. You can put your chair in any place and enjoy outdoor relaxation. The high quality of materials and careful creation makes this product an elegant chair that looks great in almost any arrangement and is extremely comfortable, so you can spend long hours on it without worrying about back pain.

The armchairs we offer in this category have been specially designed with having in mind the best ergonomic shape, while maintaining nice and modern design. Thanks to this they are very comfortable and beautiful relaxation chairs, thanks to which your body will relax - bean bag perfectly adjust to the shape of your body. The small balls of polystyrene granulate with which the seat is filled make the chair light, flexible and, above all, as comfortable as possible.

All armchairs have an internal, additional cover made of non-woven fabric - it is thin but also very durable material - it has additionally very high breathable properties. This makes the granulate retains its properties longer. The outer cover of each armchair can be easily removed and cleaned at any time or simply replaced with a new colour or fabric when we get bored with the previous one - this is a very practical solution because we don't have to buy a new armchair every time - just a new cover, a few minutes for replacing them and we have a completely new armchair in our room!