The premium bean bags product is the ultimate material quality and unique design - this combination makes it possible to buy here a bean bag that looks fantastic and will surely fit perfectly into any room regardless of its style. The Italpouf Premium brand is a guarantee of an exclusive product that impresses with its shape, style and precision. In this category we offer bean bags, sacks and footrests - very often limited editions or even individual pieces. This gives you a guarantee that your bean bag will be exclusive and there will be not many people having such a model.

The premium bean bags we offer are characterized above all by the use of high quality upholstery fabrics such as natural leather, flax, wool or nylon, the properties of which make it resistant up to -15 degrees Celsius. The filling is made up of a certified polystyrene granulate or polyurethane foam - everything perfectly composed to achieve the best product. The whole is carefully-made, with attention to detail. Bean bags are 100% hand-made – at every stage of production – and they are subject of a strict control in order to keep the high quality of the product.